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My Story


Hello, my dear customers. My name is Zoriana like my shop. Now I will share my story and the history of my store.

I live in the sunny country of Spain. I have 3 wonderful daughters. I am originally from Ukraine. We are Ukrainian. In 2009, we emigrated from Ukraine, and immediately fell in love not only with Spain, but also with Spanish menorca. This type of footwear was invented in 1955 year on Menorca Island. Through the years, these shoes have gained the most popularity and love among customers. Over the years, it has been refined and currently menorca is considered the national shoe of Spain.
The first time I saw Spanish menorca, they struck me so much that my daughter and I immediately bought these shoes for the whole family. Because they are very light, comfortable and beautiful. At that point, I wasn't thinking about the store and even more so about sewing my own line. It all started by accident. My friends saw my Instagram pictures and asked me to buy menorca to them. Subsequently, there were so many orders that we had to open a company and trade as a store. But, and that's not all ... our customers asked if we could sew menorcas in colors that no one has. This was the second stage of our case. We started buying Spanish leather. Choose the colors and shades what we like. We began to sew our menorcas, with our taste and color. Taking into account all the wishes of our dear customers, taking into account the remarks of other companies, we began to pay maximum attention to quality, convenience and comfort. Namely, we have started to apply an exceptionally high quality skin that has allowed our customers to feel comfortable and light. Because the skin is extremely soft and completely follows the contours of the foot. When sewing, we make every effort to ensure that all lines are perfectly sewn and fitted. In the middle we put a substrate made of genuine leather, which prevents the foot from slipping and sweating. The exclusive color range of our menorahs, allows our customers to feel unique and individual, because our colors do not repeat.

At the moment, we ship our shoes worldwide. We have many clients, both private and wholesale.
We are now expanding our line. Both in color and size. You will then have the unique opportunity to wear our shoes with the whole family. From child to husband. Stay tuned for the latest updates.
I sincerely hope that my history and the history of my shop and our family have inspired you and you will experience the true culture and history of Spain.

Buying our product, you will actually be happy and satisfied. We do it with love.
Sincerely happy wife, mother of 3 daughters Zoriana.