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Desert Boots

By Igor Manuliak December 03, 2021 0 comments

Desert are versatile shoes because they look equally stylish with casual wear as well as more elegant designs. Well, since, in our opinion, desserts are an obligatory attribute of autumn, we suggest you take a closer look at these shoes. Real deserts can only be made of suede, only on a crepe sole and with only two pairs of lace holes.

The name, as usual, is associated with the history of the origin of the boots - Nathan Clark's first pair of British deserters were inspired by shoes that were massively ordered from the local market for soldiers of the British military corps. ... in Africa.

Why is the British military so fond of desert boots? To find out the answer, just put them on once - the crepe sole and soft suede minimize the load on the foot. There is nothing more suitable for desert travel. Deserts can be worn almost all year round, except, of course, in the harsh winter months and especially the slush of the off-season. Try wearing them in the summer and you'll see that we're not exaggerating the versatility of this shoe. Like any good casual shoe, deserts are very versatile - they can be paired with jeans and trousers without arrows.

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